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John Muller

Growing up in a family of generations of artists, John

was exposed to and tutored by artists at a very young

age. Studying drawing and painting through

adolescence led John to Paris and Rome where he

continued to explore different mediums while working

primarily in commissioned portraiture. Later, while

traveling and spending time in forty countries, he

concentrated his art on depicting local peoples, street

scenes and cultures.

Aside from painting and sculpture, John has explored

other art forms. While living in Rome, he was involved

in producing documentary films as well as having a

successful acting career. Upon his return to New

York, he continued acting in theater but became more

interested in intergrating function into his sculpture and

other artwork. To explore this concept John decided

on strong themes on which to design music clubs and

personally designed, built and owned several well

known venues. His artistry was heavily on display in

each project from concept to unique execution of


In 2000, John joined forces with Lorna Lee to


Their graceful pieces bridge the gap between art

and function by manipulating a sculpture into a

useful object. Their works are installed in private

residences, hotels, clubs, premier retail spaces and

yachts worldwide,

John’s paintings, heavily textured oil on canvas, often

compliment these installations as the vagueness of this

effect, although guided, frees the mind to wander

through personal interpretations.

Each series is chosen from common themes that have

enticed mankind from the beginning of it’s existence

and beconds the viewer not to take for granted these

enduring symbols.